What is this screen printing stuff?

(and why does your choice of screen printer matter?)
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Logoed t-shirts are one of the most popular promotional items in the U.S., and have tremendous impact on customer, participant, and attendee opinions.

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Jay Olinger and Alex Cañez (background) setting up screens and operating one of the presses in our shop for a custom screen printing job.

As best as the archaeologists can reckon, screen printing was one of the earliest reproducible printing methods invented. Some of the earliest screen printing forefathers are believed to have lived in China sometime around 1000 A.D., where stencils were first turned to the purpose of laying down water-based ink on paper materials. In the earliest forms, patterns were likely wood or paper stencils, and ink was likely laid over a pattern with a brush. This process advanced in the far east until it eventually involved screened patterns made from silk. But when the rubber bladed squeegee finally became available in the early 1900s, screen printing became a valuable technique in the western world, and is today used for the vast majority of the $165B textile printing market, including the custom apparel industry that makes up about 5% of the $165B industry.

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OpportuniTees is an expert screen printing and embroidery firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are also an inner-city employment ministry, putting the local members of our community to work as craftsmen and craftswomen to deliver beautiful products to our customers.
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