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Nearly any product imaginable can be customized with your logo or message. The key to success is picking a partner who can help you achieve your messaging goals.

Promotional Products

The art of impression...

At OpportuniTees, we can customize nearly any product imaginable with your logo or message, and equip you with a product to leave a lasting impression in your customer's, member's, participant's, or celebrant's mind. But leaving that impression is an art itself, and a matter of selecting the right product to go with your audience and your message. At OpportuniTees, we can provide nearly any product imaginable from our extensive catalogs, but in our opinion, it is of utmost importance to assess your goals, and the impression quality of products. That's where our expertise comes into play, and we're ready to help you assess the possibilities and provide you with samples to determine whether the product is the right fit for you prior to commencing your messaging project.

We can help you guide your decision in this area with both an eye toward both your budget and what you hope to accomplish. There is after all a difference in leaving behind a high quality gift for the pleasure of a recipient, and designing a messaging strategy that is going to yield maximum return on investment by being frequently in use and on display when left behind with a contact or customer. When the products run the gamut from pen sets to calendars to coffee cups and beer mugs, the place of use and frequency of interaction will yield differing results. A few data points from the Advertising Specialty Institute demonstrates the wide variety of products available and their varying affect in customer impressions and perceived customer value. We'll be happy to help you begin your search for the right product, and assess the wide variety of products available. Before you take a gamble on filling your need with a random product, let us help you make a strategic decision that's right for your message needs.

Promotional products have a huge impact just about everywhere you can think of.  Which product is right for you?
According to data and images from the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products have significant penetration across a broad spectrum of customers and contacts, and create notable presence of mind and favorable impressions across recipients of many different age groups. Let OpportuniTees help you optimize your messaging strategy for maximum impact with a broad range of promotional products.

(Research provided by the Advertising Specialty Institute, ©2014, All Rights Reserved)

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OpportuniTees is an expert screen printing and embroidery firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are also an inner-city employment ministry, putting the local members of our community to work as craftsmen and craftswomen to deliver beautiful products to our customers.
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