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The OpportuniTees embroidery room and our multi-head, 15 needle Tajima embroidery system.

The Fine Art of Embroidery

(and why does your choice of embroiderer matter?)

Although done primarily by machine today, the technique of embroidering - or decoratively stitching fabric - has changed little in 2500 years. The same stitches we use today were used by the craftspeople performing embroidery by hand many centuries ago. But with automated machines and computerized patterns, embroidery today has become much higher speed and repeatable, with density and consistent color mixtures that make embroidered logos and messages rival any other printing technique, while delivering considerably greater durability. In general, customers select embroidery over printing today around three considerations:

  • Value. While embroidering goods is slightly more expensive than printing goods, embroidery will deliver durability that far exceeds how long a printed good will last. With items such as hats, which are likely to be kept and used for a very long time, there simply is no better value than embroidery.
  • High quality. Similarly, embroidery has a high quality appearance and impression in today's marketplace. A shirt, hat, bag, or other item with a high quality embroidered logo carries the appearance of greater expense and quality than any other approach, and says to the recipient "this is a thoughtful, serious investment."
  • Availability. Finally, embroidery is often available for a range of goods that would be impossible to imprint with any other technique. For a number of goods with difficult shapes, including hats, bags, stockings, etc., there simply is no other method that can cope with the curvature, irregularity, or limited printing surface of the material.
But you shouldn't look past the fact that embroidery is complex, has many moving parts and variables, and is ultimately still an art form dependent upon the skill of an embroiderer. Your selection of an embroiderer will ultimately determine whether you will get a well embroidered, distortion free, high clarity, and high durability product at the optimal cost. Every embroiderer will vary, and even if you find two highly skilled embroiderers, the question will then be whether you can see the variations that will still be there!
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Embroidered and promotional imprinting cross a broad range of products, and stand to be viewed by many customers, participants, donors, supporters, attendees, and other people. Many of these items have a longer useful life. In turn, we recommend high quality and high quality embroidery, from an expert personal embroidery company like OpportuniTees.

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OpportuniTees is an expert screen printing and embroidery firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are also an inner-city employment ministry, putting the local members of our community to work as craftsmen and craftswomen to deliver beautiful products to our customers.
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