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Screen printing started around 1000 A.D., but not too many screen printers have been around that long.  Unlike some others though, OpportuniTees has been operating for 24+ years in the Phoenix metropolitan area.  We were originally founded as "Tees to Please" by Jay Olinger, and in 2009 Jay relocated his business to the Neighborhood Ministries campus in order to bring a source of employment to the community that Neighborhood Ministries serves.  Following that move, Tees to Please became OpportuniTees, and began harnessing the talents of our local community to deliver high quality creative print and embroidery products to the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Today, from deep within central Phoenix, we co-labor to both produce high quality product and provide ministry and support-for-living for our neighborhood and neighbors.  We strive to serve Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior in everything we do, from high quality printed goods to working together with one another on a daily basis.

At OpportuniTees we leverage our 24 years of expertise, the talents of our staff, and on-going contributions of skills from our key supporters to produce impactful and meaningful messaging goods for our customers.  We produce everything from small jobs of 10 products to large jobs involving many thousands of pieces.  We use our artistic skills, production expertise, and attention to detail to produce screen printed shirts and clothing, embroidered hats and clothing, and nearly any kind of promotional product.  We’ve helped teams come together with a motivational message, play houses and dance companies celebrate openings and performances, sports players equip themselves for the big game day, ministries and conferences build a lasting identity in front of participants and much, much more.  If you’re interested in why you might want to be picky about this screen printing and embroidery business, take a look at our information pages.  We’re in the business of producing high quality goods, and we know what it takes to get the job done.  Every event is important, and deserves our best work.

And our best work is more important to us than most shops. When we work, we also have a tremendous impact on our community. We help under-resourced men find stable employment in a loving environment of high expectations and excellence, while we equip those same men with lasting life skills, and help them build stable families that support each other over a lifetime of work and living. This isn't a top down mission, because at OpportuniTees we are a team, and each of us learns from each other as we work together daily.

At the heart of our business in 2014 are a few individuals that help drive our impact and on-going success.  Marcos Marquis and Alex Cañez are two of our expert screen printers and responsible for our quality control and attention to excellent product.  Jay Olinger manages the production side of our screen printing operation.  Alan Andrews, formerly the U.S. Director for the Navigators, manages OpportuniTees and other commerce oriented businesses at Neighborhood Ministries.  And at the heart of our customer interaction and business operations is Salena Resendez, who manages our office, customer facing business, and of course your satisfaction.  

If you feel like doing business with a local Phoenix, Arizona firm who knows you by name and stands behind their product, well come on by or give us a call. This is OpportuniTees, and we’re glad to meet you. We are your source for custom apparel, embroidery, and silk screen printing on tee shirts, polos, hoodies, pens, coffee mugs, and nearly anything else. We're based in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, and we know what matters - we're locally owned, high quality, great price, great product, and a relationship you can depend on.

We’d be negligent to leave out mention of Neighborhood Ministries - a 501c3 ministry operating in the heart of urban Phoenix for approximately 30 years and focused on serving the poor. Since 1982, Neighborhood Ministries, located at 20th Avenue and Van Buren Road, has been focused on breaking the cycle of urban poverty with a holistic mission of loving, serving, and bringing life-transforming hope to families in the community through a long list of outreach and empowerment programs.

OpportuniTees isn’t the only business at Neighborhood Ministries. In fact we're part of a portfolio of businesses focused on developing key services and life skills in our community, while delivering excellent products across the Phoenix metro area. The Neighborhood Ministries business portfolio includes a number of other businesses that might be of interest to you:

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Need a seriously wicked custom ride? Barrio Works’ mission is to create self-sustaining, community-based programs and shop spaces for the youth and adults of Neighborhood Ministries that nurture and develop hands-on, industrial arts and entrepreneurial skills in an environment that encourages creativity, provides access to the resources required to act on it, and recognizes the reciprocity between creator, investor, and patron.

The bike shop at Barrio Works is a prime example of the businesses at Neighborhood Ministries. Our privately labeled Barrio cruisers feature frames made in the USA, and are painted locally and hand assembled in our shop. We also sell quality, affordable used bikes and offer repair and maintenance services as well.

Looking for cool goods?  Into the thrift store scene?  Want a great find? El Mercado de la Comunidad is a great place to shop for one-of-a-kind treasures. At El Mercado is a tremendous and constantly changing selection of new and used clothes, shoes, electronics, kitchen utensils, furniture, and other home goods. Just as importantly, El Mercado provides job skill training in our community while meeting the need for physical goods. A key part of this business is our parent volunteers who work to support the store in exchange for volunteer dollars that can be used to purchase items in El Mercado.

Have treasures you'd like to give away? El Mercado will pickup! Looking for something in particular? Give El Mercado a call at

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Hope House Farms exists to provide our young people with leadership opportunities and our community with fresh and affordable produce, as well as serve as a welcoming place of life, faith, and joy. This urban farm is becoming a hub for community life, with local families coming weekly to work and harvest produce to take home.
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OpportuniTees is an expert screen printing and embroidery firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are also an inner-city employment ministry, putting the local members of our community to work as craftsmen and craftswomen to deliver beautiful products to our customers.
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